LADYBOY Presents is the baby girl of Andy Sloan Jackson and Kelcy Chase Folsom. These bitches were fed up of the fag haters so they did what any good girl would do: picked up their crochet hooks and fought back!

If you love fucking around with the heteronormative bozos and dabbling with all things crafty, then LADYBOY may be the place for you!

Jul 6

LADYBOY IS ALIVE…..AND WELL IF WE DO SAY SO OURSELVES! Here are a few snapshots from our latest group show ‘Queer It’ at The Eyedrum. We are currently preparing for our first video piece which will be filmed at Ohio University next week. Please let us know whatcha think or not!

May 24

Just your typical Monday night in suburban Atlanta

 A girl’s gotta let her hair down sometime!

May 23


LADYBOY has made her grand diva bitch goddess entrance into cyberspace!


Momma is so very proud!

May 13
The SHIT is insane, honey!

The SHIT is insane, honey!

Ladyboy PRESENTS poundin’ it at The EYEDRUM

Ladyboy Presents will make our first runway debut at The Eyedrum in Atlanta on May 27, 2010 in a show entitled ‘Queer It’ !! 

BTW- Our website is blowin’ up and will be on the marquee in a jiffy!